Trend Watch: Home as the Great Escape

The ongoing stresses of day-to-day life are creating a need for peace, relaxation and tranquility at home. Rejuvenation will be the theme that guides our design sensibilities this season. Design enthusiasts are looking to turn their homes into a great escape, creating a space that feels like a spa getaway or a favourite vacation spot.

This theme of rejuvenation is being translated into all kinds of different decor elements. Here are four top trends I forsee for Canadian homes this season:

Snuggle-Friendly Chairs

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Similar to comfort foods or a hot cup of tea, there's nothing more relaxing than a snuggle-friendly chair that you can curl up in and unwind. Comfy, cozy chairs will continue to be essential this season. Perfect for one, but big enough for two - weekend chairs and chaise lounges will be in high demand.

Written by Christina Marzilli

Christina Marzilli

Christina Marzilli is the co-founder of Decor-Rest Furniture Ltd., one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of fine upholstery. She has spent more than 40 years developing and manufacturing products that have gained international recognition for their style and commitment to quality. Christina says her biggest inspiration comes through her travels and her six grandchildren.

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