Top Car Gadgets Of 2011

All of us depend on our vehicles. We not only depend on them to get us around but we also depend on them to make our lives easier. And nobody has known this better than the auto manufacturers. That is why each year they try to come up with the best car gadgets for us. Of course, these gadgets are usually so they can sell more vehicles but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important to us.

Some car gadgets are gimmicky but some really give us something of value. Judging between these two extremes can be tricky, however. Especially when we are confronted with something that just strikes us as really cool. That is why I am going to break down the best car gadgets of 2011. These are gadgets that are not only cool but functional as well.

1. Park Assistance

Park assistance has to be one of the greatest gadgets of all time. With only the push of a button or a flip of a switch your car automatically parks the car for you. This is the gadget that is going to really help out a lot of people out there who are “parking challenged.” And to make it even better there are a ton of different cars offering this option.

2. Seat Belts That Inflate

Leave it to Ford to come up with a gadget that is really cool. These seat belts work a lot like traditional air bags. When there is a crash, they inflate to distribute the force of the crash across the person’s body. This will go a long way in reducing whiplash and preventing multiple injuries to the accident victim.

3. Wipers That Sense Rain

Okay, I have to admit that I initially thought that this car gadget was specifically made for lazy people. People so lazy they couldn’t flip on their windshield wipers. After learning about this little gadget however, I know think that this is pretty cool. It not only starts up the moment rain hits the windshield, but it also auto adjust to the amount of rain. This basically means that you can set it and never have to worry about it again. When it rains it automatically keeps your windshield nice and clean.

Well, that rounds out my list of the top car gadgets of 2011. Hopefully, you have found something on the list that really made you excited about the future of the modern car. If not, then hopefully you have found that gadget that just makes you want to smile. I wonder what the next great car gadget that will be unveiled. I certainly hope that it is something that allows me to make it through traffic while sleeping.

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