Ten Tips for Entertaining Over the Holidays

From the moment I hear the first Christmas jingle, I get excited about the holiday season. The best part about the holiday season is entertaining or being invited out to someone’s home. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time. Here are some tips to make sure that your night of entertaining is a night to remember.

1. Before the party begins, let your guests know via invitation if there is a theme. Consider a theme dress code. James Bond anyone? Tacky sweaters are a fun theme while black and white creates a very formal event. A theme could also be inspired by a friend’s family tradition. Having a Christmas morning get together? Why not try a pajamas only theme?


2. Start by having something at the front door to greet your guests. A big Santa, mistletoe, a tray of festive drinks… something to say there’s a party going on here!


3. Have a “drink of the night” to set the occasion, preferably a seasonal drink, but not necessarily. My favourite is spiced mulled wine. Don’t forget a signature non-alcoholic drink, especially for the designated drivers.

4. Music is a must! Have your playlist on and mix in some holiday jingles to set the tone.

centerpiece5. Put some thought into your tablescape. Funny table napkins, a colour theme of black and gold, etc. Don’t forget the centerpiece! If you have kids, there’s nothing more special than having them make it. Some great ideas can be found at 365Greetings or DIY Ready.

6. Consider a traditional dish that everyone will look forward to. Whether I’m the one entertaining or the holiday meal is somewhere else, I can be counted on to bring the homemade tiramisu and wine jelly.

7. Use all the wonderful lighting in your holiday decorations to create atmosphere lighting. Dim all the main lights and plug in all the holiday lights.

8. Have a sense of humour. Don’t decorate so seriously. Have some fun!


9. As your guests are leaving, have something memorable to give them. An ornament, a picture of the night taken with your instant photo camera, their place card, etc.

10. ‘Tis the season for sharing. Have everyone bring food, a gift or clothing for a local charity.
The most important part of the night is your guests. Great food, great friends, great memories. Cheers for a wonderful holiday season!

Written by Rachel Borrelli

Rachel Borrelli

Rachel Borrelli, owner of Diversa Designs Inc., is a CCSP and RESA member. Diversa Designs is a home staging and redesign company serving the Calgary and surrounding areas. With a passion for anything design, she loves helping people get the most out of their home investment through staging. Rachel’s other talent is redesigning rooms starting with her clients’ own treasures as inspiration. By adding color and a few new treasures, she gives your house the dream home feel.

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