Stinging Nettle Perogies

Stinging Nettles

One of my favourite signs of spring is the appearance of spring vegetables and wild greens. My favourite of them all is stinging nettles.

It wasn’t always that way.

I dreaded them every time they came across my childhood dinner table on Vancouver Island. Kids hate green stuff, especially when it stings their legs during their forest adventures.

Nettles have since come to represent the best my childhood home had to offer. They also bring me a palpable feeling of spring, which is why I cheated and got my first batch of nettles from California last month. (Patience has never been one of my virtues.) The local BC crop won’t be available for another month or two and I don’t know when you poor Easterners can expect yours. May? June? Wrap up warm, now!

At Mamie Taylor’s I use stinging nettles to make our extremely popular Stinging Nettle Perogies. A delicious comfort-food dish perfect for cold, wet West Coast winters that nevertheless holds the promise of spring.

Here’s my recipe. Enjoy!


Written by Tobias Grignon

Tobias Grignon

An established veteran of Vancouver’s culinary scene, Chef Tobias Grignon worked in the celebrated kitchens at Victoria’s Empress, the Wedgewood and the Vancouver Club before taking the helm as Executive Chef at Bistro Pastis and its sister restaurant, Le Parisien. After two-and-a-half years of preparing award-winning French cuisine, Tobias broke free from the traditional by creating the much-buzzed-about modern American comfort food program at Mamie Taylor’s in Chinatown.

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