Something Unexpected

Dare to be daring – include an unusual or unanticipated piece in your home décor. The use of just one item can take the look of your interior up an entire notch!

I am all for classic and timeless interior design: painting the walls a neutral colour and having a rather neutral pallet to go along with it. To add some interest, I like to add accessories that have some punch and some “wow” factor that will keep your guests talking!

Ways to do it:
-Unexpected Colour
-Unexpected Material
-Unexpected Shape
-Unexpected Scale
-Unexpected Positioning
-Unexpected Function
-Unexpected Design Idea

Item Suggestions:

1. Opus Incertum Bookshelf from Suite 22

Unexpected Material: Styrofoam
Design Idea: Stack several of them one on top of each other to fill and create a beautiful feature wall in your living room

2. Red Tulip Sink from Canaroma

Unexpected Shape: Tulip flower as a lavatory
Design idea: Create a statement with this piece on your main floor powder room – your guests will love it!

3. Necklace Lights by Jessica Nakanishi

Unexpected Design Idea: Jewellery as lighting
Design Idea: Instead of a headboard, hang these on the wall over your bed

4. ‘Bomba’ Stool by Fugitive Glue

Unexpected Function: Recycled propane tank as seating/side table
Design Idea: Multi purpose piece that can be used both indoors and out – the perfect rustic element for a more refined space.

Let me know what unexpected element you have in your interior, or what your ideas are! Tweet it or post it on Facebook and I just might share it!

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Written by YanicSimard


Yanic Simard comes from a long line of industry professionals in Montreal that based their successes on the fact that good design and quality workmanship are the cornerstones to the art of living. Yanic has synthesized his experience in the building trade with his unrivaled creative talent to found the Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG)—one of Canada’s leading design firms.
Yanic writes for many Canadian and international publications and blogs, and is a regular design guest expert to the #1 Canadian talk show Cityline on City.
Yanic’s 2013 Design Motto: “Finding meaningful likeness between contrasting objects is the essence of elegance.”

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  1. Hi I’m interested to buy the styrofoam book shelf or Opus Incertum Bookshelf. How can I buy it?


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