Seven Simple, but Sophisticated Garden Pathways

Looking to give your yard a sweet and simple facelift just in time for summer? A great idea to spruce up your lawn is designing your very own garden pathway. Most garden pathways can be a fun DIY project, so long as you have the space, a clear, concise idea in mind and the right materials for the job. Check out these seven pretty pathway ideas and invoke some yard-jealousy this summer season.



Dress up pebbles with shrubbery and flowers lining the perimeter of your path

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Stone Lined.

A stone lined pathway can be paired with another method, like pebbles, gravel, or wood planks.


Log Stumps.

What could be more quaint than wood stumps artfully scattered across your lawn.

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Wooden Steps.

This method works particularly well if you’re dealing with a backyard that has a significant slope.


Paver stone/Flagstone.

Fill the gaps between the stones with moss or pebbles.


Wood Planks.

If you opt for this method, try to used reclaimed wood or old fence slats and save a tree or two.



With brick you get the added bonus of laying out a unique pattern. Juxtapose the harshness of the brick with plushy grass or colourful flowers.


Written by Zakiya Kassam

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