Review: Chrysler Dodge Ram 1500 Truck

Each pick-up truck no doubt has its niche group of avid and die-hard fans. However, last 2011, the choice for pick-up truck then depends on loyalty to certain brands or in a matter of personal choice and preference. This all changed when Chrysler introduced to the public its new model of pick-up truck, the Dodge Ram Truck. It is a 1500 series vehicle which has totally became the best seller of the company.

The Chrysler Ram 1500s are available and can be bought in various numbers of models. There are also three available engine choices, namely: the V6 3.7 liter, the V8 4.7 liter and the V8 Hemi Magnum 5.7 liter. The horse power of the Ram 1500 range from 215 hp up to 390 hp and it also has torque levels that range from 235 up to 407. One can also select from two types of transmissions available — the 5-speed automatic and the automatic multi-speed transmissions.

The light-duty vehicle was being introduced last year and during the year 2010, Chrysler will offer 2-mode hybrid power version. Once can select a 4×2 rear wheel drive or go for the 4-wheel drive which has two transfer cases. One of these transfer cases is a part-time component and another is an electrical, which happens to be the “on demand” kind.

The beds of Chrysler Ram 1500 are available in three lengths namely: the 8 feet, the 6 feet-4 inches and the five feet-seven inches depending on the type of cab one will choose which are the regular cab, the Quad Cab and the Crew Cab respectively. The regular cab is capable of handling a short and long bed. There are also five kinds of trim that are being offered, beginning with base ST, then the volume SLT, the Laramie, the Sport and finally the TRX.

The Chrysler Ram 1500 series possesses a bolder and has more appealing image while maintaining its one of a kind family heritage. The Ram 1500’s forward grille is slanted and the chrome tips of the dual exhaust of the vehicle fit to the clean bumper enclosures. The Hemi V8 offers improved fuel economy of 4% yet is still capable of running from 0-60mph just within six seconds.

The Dodge Ram 1500 Truck series also offers numerous cabin room and classy interiors. The finishing made use of superior materials that really look stunning. The overall storage capacity of the cab crew model goes beyond 55 gallons.

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