New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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So, you’ve finally gotten around to de-Christmas-ifying your home, and with New Year’s Day only a few days away, the collective focus has inevitably shifted from red and green to resolutions. So you resolve to finally use your gym membership and to get your kids to eat healthier, but what resolutions do you set for your home?


Make sure it’s safe

There are a few things every homeowner can do to mitigate potential hazards in their home.

  • Check your home for radon
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector on every floor
  • If you already have carbon monoxide detectors, check that they are working, along with fire detectors
  • Empty your dryer vent and keep it clean
  • Squeegee shower walls after you shower to lessen the risk of mold formation, and make sure your bathroom is well ventilated.


Strive for energy efficiency

Even if you’re not planning to purchase new, energy efficient appliances, or install that low flush toilet or a solar panel on your roof, there are plenty of energy conserving practices you and your family can employ on a day-to-day basis. Things like changing your light bulbs to Energy Star models, keeping your daytime light usage to a minimum, installing a programmable thermostat, and using your dryer and dishwasher sparingly and only with full loads.


Employ better cleaning and organization tactics in the new year

This includes combatting your clutter before it forms, actively avoiding accumulation, installing double duty storage and hardware, and for some households, changing your cleaning practices completely. Read more of our tips and advise for keeping your home cleaner and more organized in the New Year here.

Written by Zakiya Kassam

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