New web site removes confusion from car buying

64422H(NC)—After nearly 50 years as the authoritative source of vehicle values to dealerships, banks and insurance companies Canadian Black Book has now launched a web site that gives consumers access to its popular “trade-in value” estimator.

At no cost, car buyers and tire kickers can now visit to learn the trade-in value, average asking price and future value of virtually every car and truck manufactured since 1997.  The web site also serves up new and used cars and trucks for sale, plus feature articles and automotive reviews by Canadian Black Book’s own industry analysts and guest experts.

“The web site is designed to bring together consumers and dealers,” says Kathy Ward, president and CEO of Canadian Black Book.   “In the past you had owners thinking their trade-ins were worth more than they were because classified listings were often their only research tool.  Our new web site will help to better educate consumers who will now be able to make a smarter vehicle purchasing decision.”

The data – drawn from a variety of real-time transactional sources such as the top automotive auctions and automotive dealers – provides the public with the most accurate vehicle values available.

Leading automotive industry analyst, Dennis DesRosiers, says, “This new web site and its tools are welcome news to consumers who often don’t know where to turn for credible trade-in pricing, a new or used car purchase, or a leased vehicle. Building on its roots as the “industry bible” for unbiased car and truck values, this is a natural evolution for Canadian Black Book.”

The web site is very easy to use.  Consumers input the model and year of their vehicle into the valuator tool, as well as options and trim packages. The software that calculates the value also takes into account actual kilometres on the vehicle, and similar vehicles for sale in the consumer’s vicinity.  A low, medium and high value range is presented in seconds.

Kathy Ward has worked at Canadian Black Book since her early teens and has become a prominent expert in the automotive valuing process after assuming control of the firm from her father in 1996. Most widely known for its printed reference guides relied upon by dealers, Ward saw the Internet as a perfect way to evolve its expertise toward helping the consumer better understand the industry.

“The auto industry has been our business for 50 years so we bring a balanced viewpoint to the consumer,” Ward says.  “With so many online classified sites and web resources out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to car buying and trade-in values. “Not only have consumers been asking for this for quite some time, but our new site also serves dealers by delivering informed buyers to their showrooms.”

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