Make your family's “windshield time” safer – Driver visibility a factor in 40 per cent of collisions

Stealth Snow Scene Blur(NC)— It’s no surprise that most urban Canadian families with young children make all of their daily trips by vehicle. On top of the daily commute to and from school or day care, parents are also driving their children to countless activities at night and on the weekend, such as skating lessons, dance recitals and hockey practices. Many Canadian parents spend hundreds of hours every year behind the wheel.
This is why many parent-drivers make it a point to take advantage of the latest technologies to help keep their precious family cargo safe. Ironically, experts state that the single biggest factor in vehicle safety isn’t related to the latest development in electronics, hands-free cell phones or even air bags. It’s driver vision, and studies show it is a factor in more than 40 percent of all vehicle crashes.
According to Alexia Hayes, a wiper blade technical engineer and mother of two young children, the risk of collision usually increases by 50 to 100 per cent during precipitation, and that much of the elevated risk during rain or snowfall appears to be related to visibility.
“I can’t imagine anything being more important than the ability of the driver to see clearly through the windshield,” says Hayes.
Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to help driver’s vision is also one of the least expensive solutions: checking and replacing your worn wiper blades. Hayes suggests checking blades periodically and replacing them about every six months.
“Wiper blades are one of the most overlooked pieces of safety equipment,” says Hayes. “But you won’t find a faster or lower-cost way to make the windshield time for you and your family safer and less stressful than by changing them.”
We’ve all been in that stressful situation where our worn, torn, or inefficient blades left streaks and film on the windshield while driving resulting in a blurred view of the road limiting our vision and judgment. But experts say new blades can provide a better and longer-lasting clear view of the road.
One new option is the Michelins Stealth patent-pending hybrid technology blade. It uses the best performance benefits of traditional and frameless blades for smooth, quiet operation in all weather conditions. The design includes a sleek, aerodynamic cover that prevents buildup of snow, ice or debris. According to Hayes, the design eliminates the need for a snow blade as well as increasing blade life.
The super flex design allows the blades to fit the windshield better, for superior windshield contact. Hayes says the result is clean, powerful and consistent wipes year round. More information on the new wiper blade technology is available at You can find the Michelin Stealth wiper blades exclusively at Costco Canada.

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