Low rolling resistance tires can improve your gas mileage

64448H(NC) —If you want to get the most mileage out of a tank of gas, consider investing in low rolling resistance tires.

Rolling resistance, is a measure of the force that it takes to move your tires forward on the road.  As you travel along, the weight of your vehicle “deforms” your tire tread where the rubber meets the road.  The resulting deformity generates heat between the tire and the road, which is then wasted in the form of heat as the tire rotates.  The only way for your engine to make up for the lost energy is through consuming fuel.  The heavier your vehicle, the more energy it burns to compensate.  Who knew?

If new tires are on the horizon, consider low rolling resistance tires; some tire manufacturers are now boasting a 20 per cent reduction in rolling resistance through high-efficiency tires that reduce fuel consumption by about 4%.

The Rubber Association of Canada and Natural Resources Canada have teamed up to make this information available to Canadians through their websites (www.betiresmart.ca and www.vehicles.nrcan.gc.ca).  The websites contain a lot of helpful tips and tricks to help consumers save money on fuel and reduce harmful emissions, including how to buy and maintain more eco-friendly tires.


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