Inspiring Cultures – Soft Loop

Soft Loop is the fourth trend for Inspiring Cultures 2012.  It a trend that moves beyond the body conscious and towards the body enhanced.  Crystal, mineral and animal elements affect a muted shimmering palette.

Soft Loop is a multi-sensory experience where textue and colour melt together in ombre gradation and smooth luxurious finishes.  Interior walls are sleek and curvaceous.  High gloss adds a tough resistance to this soft  looking finish.

The palette of Soft Loop is:

This trend is all about soft colours, feminine qualities, curvacious detailing and translucent layers.

Next Inspiring Cultures Blog will be highlights of our 2014 conference in NYC.  How and who are the trenders?

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Written by Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince, Colour Stylist for General Paint, has 21 years in the colour and paint industry. Colour is her passion and she is a self proclaimed paint geek.

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