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Celebrate the joy of being alive…

Rebirth brings a positive outlook to our changing world.  It is a new energy, full of optimism and experimentation with colour.  We embrace the future and express our inner selves through spontaneous creativity.

REBIRTH colours

Powerful tones merge with cool pastels to create contemporary primary colors. Deep blue plaster texture and gloss finishes energize the palette while mint green wood stain contrasts with saturated matt colour adding a playful edge.


REBIRTH surfaces

Unique hand crafted structures explore playful layering techniques to move pattern into three dimensions. Painted finishes use brush stoke marks to add depth and a sense of movement to static color. A just made feel is applied to bright yarn bound forms and ceramics, creating a unique style.


REBIRTH colours in use

close-up of the side of a bed with a red leather headboard and a lamp beside it

Brown Living room with bookcase

Modern livingroom

Teen's Bedroom With Carpetimages-2


Blue bathroom

armchair and table of the scene 3D


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Written by Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince, Colour Stylist for General Paint, has 21 years in the colour and paint industry. Colour is her passion and she is a self proclaimed paint geek.

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