Inspiring Cultures – 2012 Colour Forecasting

Inspiring Cultures is a unique collaboration that brings together architects, artists, designers and colour experts from the US, Canada, Mexico and South America in a true reflection of the Comex Group spirit.

Working together at the Inspiring Cultures colour meetings, which have been held in the US, Mexico and Canada, the distinguished panel  identify key future information on colour, application, combination and texture.

The result is the perfect working tool for any colour design professional with key trends 12 – 18 months in advance of the markets to assist, stimulate, inform and inspire your business’ future.

I am extremely proud to be able to share it with you.

Let me introduce you to our first of four trends. OPTIC PLAY

Optic Play takes a whimsical look at the world from a slightly skewed angle. As the virtual life becomes more sophisticated and realistic, cartoon colours allow our real world to look more like a fairytale and fantasy. Design plays with scale and perspective in this new surrealism.

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Written by Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince, Colour Stylist for General Paint, has 21 years in the colour and paint industry. Colour is her passion and she is a self proclaimed paint geek.

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