How to Incorporate Bamboo Into Your Outdoor Living Area

rattan-299557__180If there was a material of the year award, bamboo would likely take home the first place prize. Grown in China, bamboo naturally and quickly regrows, and doesn’t require the application of harmful pesticides or chemicals, making it the environmentally sound choice for building material. You can use bamboo as a replacement material on anything from your floors to your furniture, indoor as well as outdoors. Check out these four ways to incorporate bamboo into your outdoor living experience.


Your Deck or Porch

Due to its strength and durability, bamboo is quickly becoming a popular choice for deck contractors and DIY-ers. You can finish bamboo in a similar way you would wood, so it will blend in nicely with the rest of the structural elements of your home’s exterior.


Your Patio Furniture

Bamboo, in addition to having a beautiful back story, also has a beautiful look. Bamboo weathers a lot like cedar in that with time this material fades from dark to a soft silver grey. This gives furniture made from bamboo an elegant and high-end feel. Bamboo furniture is aesthetically pleasing, lightweight, durable and easy to pair.


Privacy Screens

Perfect for adding privacy to your deck or yard, bamboo is lightweight, so screens made from it are easy to build and easy to move around.


Your Garden

Bamboo is easy to grow and easy to maintain in your garden. Clumping bamboo is probably your best bet if you’re new to growing bamboo, as it is non-invasive and can flourish in a small garden. Running bamboo has the tendency to spread vigorously, so it should be planted with caution and only after ample research. Containment methods for running bamboo include:┬ácement, metal and high-density polyethylene plastic rhizome barriers.


Written by Zakiya Kassam

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