Helping Canadians get more mileage from used tires

64809H(NC)—In Canada, nearly 33 million tires are discarded in landfills every year – that’s close to one tire for every man, woman and child in the country. A movement to keep tires out of landfills is gaining momentum, and is one of the latest initiatives to ensure that Canadians get a little more mileage out of their used tires.

Used tires are one of landfills’ largest and most notorious inhabitants, and can create several health and safety issues. Tire piles are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rodents, which can carry a host of diseases. Tire fires, which can burn for days and release toxic air-borne pollutants, are a constant threat.

Consumers have an opportunity to be part of the solution by supporting Canadian Tire’s new line of Blue Planet car mats, manufactured completely from diverted tires from landfills and stockpiles. During the recycling process steel and fluff is removed, resulting in what is called crumb rubber. This is then taken to the factory to be molded into car mats; an efficient process creating a quality product while helping the environment.

Every pair of Blue Planet car mats produced removes one tire from Canadian landfills. Available at Canadian Tire stores nation-widethese exclusive mats are manufactured by Concord, Ontario-based Multy Home.

“Businesses need to implement sustainable practices that positively impact energy and climate, waste and packaging, as well as product service and innovation,” says Tyler Elm, Canadian Tire’s vice president of sustainability. “Our Blue Planet car mats are a good example of how environmental stewardship can be brought full circle, with the end result being a quality product for our customers.”

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