Hello winter, goodbye underinflated tires

64445H(NC)—Did you know that driving with tires underinflated by eight pounds per square inch can reduce the life of your tires by 15,000 kilometres and increase your fuel consumption by four per cent?

For improved fuel efficiency and enhanced safety this winter, Natural Resources Canada offers these tips to give your tires the attention they need:

• Measure your tire pressure once a month using a high quality pressure gauge (a visual inspection is not sufficient), especially after a sharp drop in temperature which decreases tire pressure;

• Have your tires aligned and balanced according to the schedule in your vehicle manual;

• Monitor wear and tear on your treads and replace tires when the treads are worn out;

• Check for stones, glass and other foreign objects that could work their way into the tire and cause a leak;

Under-inflated tires are estimated to cost Canadian vehicle owners almost 643 million litres of fuel a year. At $1.00 a litre or more for regular unleaded gasoline, that amounts to more than $600 million a year in wasted fuel.

With proper tire maintenance, the average Canadian driver could save up to the equivalent of two weeks’ worth of free gas every year. As well, because tires will last longer, you could save the cost of one or two sets of tires over the life of a vehicle.

Sources: www.betiresmart.ca and www.vehicles.nrcan.gc.ca.


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