Fun Theme Ideas for Summer Entertaining

Looking to take your next outdoor get together to the next level? Why not theme it? Implementing a simple theme can be fun for the hosting party and guests alike, and will make fun great photos and long lasting memories. Let your guests know the theme ahead of time, encourage them to dress up if appropriate and bring theme-appropriate beverages and snacks.

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Movie Night

What you’ll need: a white sheet or a large screen, a projector, chairs on blankets to sit on, and plenty of popcorn and concession-like snacks.



What you’ll need: picnic blankets, lawn games and pre-packed picnic baskets with lots of finger foods, fruits and vegetables.

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What you’ll need: colourful canopies (DIY them using scarves and bedsheets), lots of lanterns and candles, and cushions and long pillows for seating.


Master Chef

What you’ll need: pre-assigned teams, (or elect team leads and have them pick their own teams), separate cooking stations, raw ingredients, prizes, pre-determined judges or taste testers, (perhaps the hosts or the kids).

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