Fun, Modern Floral Patterns

When you say “a floral pattern” most people will immediately be transformed back to their grandparents house where a different floral print was on every surface. The word “floral pattern” shouldn’t have that stereotype anymore, especially when you see how cool it is to use a floral pattern in your interiors now! Let’s break the negative cognation behind that stereotype and allow everyone to see how fun Floral patterns can be!

Inspiration for the floral soul:


Source: Jonathan Adler


Source: Sarah Richardson


Source: Jo Alcorn, whitewash & co.


Source: Jo Alcorn, whitewash & co.


Source: Home Sense


Source: Décor Happy


Source: Décor Happy


Source: Haven and Home

pottery barn bed

Source: Pottery Barn


Source: Pottery Barn

For those ladies that like to receive flowers or have flowers in their house all the time well here is another way you can achieve that by adding it in your bedding, pillows, wallpaper, artwork, lamps and furniture to really mix it up and have some fun!

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Jo Alcorn

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Written by Jo Alcorn

Jo Alcorn

Canadian Home Trends’ Style Editor, Jo Alcorn, Design Specialist and Founder of Whitewash & Co, has developed a diverse client base and is most proud of being able to provide style and continuity for a range of personalities and decor preferences. Jo’s passion for design has been showcased on a handful of films and many tv programs including HGTV, Discovery Channel, CBC Steven and Chris, Breakfast Television, CityTV, Rogers Stations, Global Morning Show and more. Jo has used her design skills to develop her own line of locally made, high quality, stylish, environmentally friendly furniture, a lighting collection for Artcraft and even her own paint colour! Jo also serves as a teacher at Humber College North Campus.

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