5 Easy Steps to Organize Your Home Office

A home office should be a functional space that still offers style and aesthetics. Here are my five tips for creating a wonderful work environment.

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#1: Having a desk large enough to work and accommodate a a computer or laptop is key, especially when you need space to lay out papers and write……we do still write, don’t we? I recommend a 60”w x30”d desk with at least one pencil drawer or a stack of drawers for storing pens, paper, markers, paper clips, files etc.


#2: If you have a desk that faces a wall, hanging a piece of art is great, but sometimes you just need to “pin” an idea, picture, or document and have it within your eyesight. My favourite way to accomplish this while remaining sophisticated and beautiful is to use a magnetic linen wallpaper from Weitzner. It is considered a “green” product as the magnetic coating is made from non-toxic natural magnetic mineral used in dietary supplements. Available in 9 colours at Primavera through Interior Designers or Architects.



#3: Storage is always a necessity so maximizing your limited space is essential. I love to use these storage boxes from West Elm in bookcases where prime real estate isn’t always fully utilized.  Magazine butlers are also useful to keep your magazines and other papers organized.

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#4: Make a statement with your office. Using artwork above a storage unit brings a setting that feels less “office” and more “living”. A comfortable chair to sit in and read helps you get away from your desk.


#5: Task lighting is essential for reading  and writing documents.  It is also important how it will reflect on your computer screen. This energy efficient LED table lamp from Brazo has a task lighting control of 360 degrees and an adjustable arm tilt of 90 degrees. Available in 4 colours.

Written by Paul Semkuley

Paul Semkuley

Paul Semkuley, principal of re:source lifestyles, a Toronto-based Interior Stylist, combines his love of art, fashion and design to offer a unique decorating point of view. With an extensive client base in Toronto and the GTA, his firm incorporates a client’s existing collection of furniture and family treasures in unique and unpredictable ways.

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