Faux Real

As I’m flipping through my “Safari Collection” fabric book by Kravet, I start imagining the infinite number of possibilities when it comes to utilizing imposter materials in your home’s décor. How amazing would one panel of zebra-print fabric look hung on the wall to create a focal point in place of a piece of framed artwork!?
I started to dig a little deeper because I wanted to find out what other materials are available that are made to look like their companion-
‘real thing’. Here’s what I dug up:

Wallpaper: Graham & Brown offers a complete line of wall coverings made to look like builders materials, including stucco, brick, bead board and tin ceiling. Some of them are paintable, and easy to install. 

Tile: There are so many imposter tiles on the market; there’s animal skin and fur like snake and leopard, which would look stunning in place of a headboard behind your bed! There are tiles that mimic the look of real hardwood, which is a great alternative if you’re hesitant to put real wood in the kitchen area or laundry room in case of water damage from spills or flooding. I always suggest going with a porcelain tile over ceramic, because with porcelain the colour of the tile is shown throughout and ceramic tiles have only one top layer of the coloured material (comparable to the difference between hardwood and laminate).

Fabric: Faux bear, faux fox, faux ostrich, faux tiger.. almost any animal print you can think of is available – check out Robert Allan for your faux fabric finds!

It’s amazing how real these ‘fakes’ are beginning to look year after year, coming along with many added benefits.
-Usually more cost effective & easier to maintain
-No animals are harmed

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Written by YanicSimard


Yanic Simard comes from a long line of industry professionals in Montreal that based their successes on the fact that good design and quality workmanship are the cornerstones to the art of living. Yanic has synthesized his experience in the building trade with his unrivaled creative talent to found the Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG)—one of Canada’s leading design firms.
Yanic writes for many Canadian and international publications and blogs, and is a regular design guest expert to the #1 Canadian talk show Cityline on City.
Yanic’s 2013 Design Motto: “Finding meaningful likeness between contrasting objects is the essence of elegance.”

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