Exploring The Cottages Part 2

Photo Source: osoyooscottages.com
Photo Source: osoyooscottages.com

Who is moving to the cottages?


For those looking for a hiatus from the chaos and stress of the city, a cottage home can provide the perfect escape. And while some only need that time seasonally, and crave the business of their work and play in the city otherwise, others long for the peace and reasonable pace that outskirt cottage properties tend to offer, full-time. For the latter bunch, The Cottages on Osooyos Lake provides that coveted seasonal charm, year-round.


With The Cottages on Osooyos Lake, you are not just investing in a home, but in a lifestyle. Within the community’s property, which spans 70-acres, is 1,800 feet of waterfront and over 500 feet of beach, walking trails, private boat slips and a community centre, which includes two pools, a hot tub and a fully equipped fitness facility. Being part of the south Okanagan community not only means being steps from the water, but also a short trip from nearby towns, where entertainment and medical amenities are abundant.

These factors make The Cottages well-suited to a diverse group of people, from recent retirees, or people thinking about retirement to families and young professionals.

Photo Source: osoyooscottages.com
Photo Source: osoyooscottages.com

In recent years, the increasing instance of practices like house flipping in major cities like Vancouver, as well as a large influx of international migrants to these places, has driven the housing market steeply upwards, affecting another large demographic of potential property owners. Young and first-time home buyers, hoping to settle down in metro Vancouver, no longer have this option, driving them out of the city, where the real estate is feasible and the benefits are plentiful.


While the residents of The Cottages come from differing backgrounds, they all seem to agree on one thing: that the unparalleled spirit of community and friendship at The Cottages make it the perfect place to call home.



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