DIY Painted Pumpkins

It’s October and fall is officially here.  The trees are turning colours and every where you go, you find pumpkins for sale. Carving pumpkins is always a lot of fun but this year I am really loving the idea of painted pumpkins! Take a look at a few of my favourite ideas – you might find the perfect pumpkin for your Thanksgiving or Halloween decor!

This looks like it could be fairly simple. A little spray paint and a Sharpie would do the trick. If you’re a little artistic, you could draw a freehand design. If not – a stencil would also work.

Source: Flickr

Okay – I might have cheated a little with this one. These aren’t painted – they are decorated with paper decoupage. They were just to pretty to pass up. You can see a complete tutorial on how to make this (it’s easier then painting!) at Confessions of Plate Addict.

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, this centerpiece by Simcoe Street is perfect. A selection of spray painted pumpkins gathered together with a few simple pillar candles makes a clean, fresh centerpiece that is absolutely stunning!

For a glamorous look that adds an elegant touch to your fall decor – try going metallic. These pumpkins from Brown Paper Packages are spray painted silver and decorated with rhinestone stickers! So simple and so chic!



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Written by Crystal Shore

Crystal Shore

As Online Editor for Canadian Home Trends Magazine, Crystal has a passion for design and decor. She enjoys browsing the web to find new, exciting decor ideas, DIY projects and unique products to share with her readers. With formal training in graphic design and a background in the event planning/design business, Crystal looks at design from all angles to give readers a fresh perspective.

3 thoughts on “DIY Painted Pumpkins

  1. I painted pumpkins last year. They lasted a week and then exploded all over my dining room. Is there some way to prevent this from happening?

  2. Don’t completely cover them with paint. Like any vegetable, they release gas as they sit out, and I guess the paint blocks it from getting out. I learned this in elementary school, and I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it online!

  3. perhaps drilling a small hole in pumkin would release gas, sorry but had to giggle at the thought of a pumkin exploding in a beautiful decorated dining room (just be “Thankful” that there were no guests seated yet!)

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