DIY Care Package Ideas to Send Overseas For Remembrance Day

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Constructing a personalized care package is the ultimate way to show someone you’re thinking of them. And as Remembrance Day approaches, you and your family may be tempted to show the troops overseas that you are thinking of them, and not just during the allocated two minutes of silence at eleven o’clock.


An entertainment package

When we have down time, we have ample things available to us to transition it seamlessly into leisure time, things we often take for granted, like cable TV, malls, and our smart devices. Keep in mind that members of the armed forces likely don’t have these things available to them, so consider sending them things to do. Books, video games, board games, movies and music are all great ideas to include in a care package.


An edible arrangement

And no, I’m not talking about pineapples cut into the shape of flowers and hearts. Of course, the troops have no shortage of actual sustenance, but they probably don’t have access to novelty items like beef jerky, quality coffee and teas, hot chocolate and hot sauce. Dense and dry baked goods, like short bread, nut bars and biscotti, are also a nice idea.


Personal care items

Again, these men and women have basic personal care items provided to them, but it may not be anything above and beyond toothpaste, shampoo and soap. Think about things that you always like to have around the house, like scented body wash, lip balm, lotion and disposable handwarmers if where they have been deployed to has a colder climate.


Donate your Halloween candy

Some dentist offices will actually buy your kids’ Halloween candy off of you, after which they’ll send the sweet treats overseas for the troops to enjoy. Not exactly a care package per se, but who wouldn’t appreciate a Snickers bar or a pack of Rockets, especially when it’s coming from home. Inquire at your dentist’s office to see if they have such a program or see if there are any other local initiatives willing to collect your unwanted candy for this good cause.


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