Designer Kitchen: Natural Elegance

This charming kitchen, owned by Jackie Glass and Associates’ lead Designer, Pia Hugglestone has a natural flow that’s critical to any kitchen.

Photography, Paul Chmielowiec
Photography, Paul Chmielowiec

Canadian Home Trends: Where did your inspiration come from for this design concept?
Jackie Glass: The design inspiration came from Pia and her family’s love for entertaining. She wanted to create an inviting and bright space that would comfortably accommodate her family and friends when entertaining and have a subtle, formal aesthetic.

CHT: How would you go about styling this kitchen for a party?
JG: I’d add even more white in this white kitchen. Luxe, white, faux fur cushions, several white amaryllis in white glazed ceramic pots, and white china with touches of cut glass and silver for instant glam and gorgeous sophistication.

CHT: What is the most common mistake homeowners make when painting their kitchen cabinetry white?
JG: Thinking that it doesn’t show marks. It does, but if properly painted by a company specializing in painting cabinetry, white cabinetry can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Photography, Paul Chmielowiec
Photography, Paul Chmielowiec

Space Designed by Jackie Glass,; Photography, Paul Chmielowiec; As Seen In Canadian Home Trends Magazine Fall 2014

Written by Canadian Home Trends

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