Design Tips for the Decor Challenged Man

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Think of your space as permanent. 

If decor is not your strong suit or your interest, you might find yourself reluctant to make design choices, leaving you with barren rooms with little warmth and personality. Consider your space an investment in your own happiness and put effort and time into making your home a place you look forward to coming home to after a long day.


Be minimalistic.

There are so many benefits, economically and emotionally, to living simply. Another perk: the task of decorating will be about 100 times less stressful. Less stuff means less time scratching your head at IKEA and it also means you can splurge on the few pieces you do choose.


Reacquaint yourself with yourself. 

You may think you are decor-challenged, but what’s more likely is that you aren’t really aware of your tastes because you haven’t spent any time considering them. Think about what kind of decor is pleasing to your eye? What colours? What textures? What shapes?



Hotel rooms tend to be serene, inviting and approachable; so why not emulate one while designing. This can be a little bit of a cheat if you find yourself stumped for ideas. Think back to your favourite hotel experience and imitate those elements in your space.


When in doubt, go guy conventional. 

Think automotive design: weathered leather, craftsmanship and wood and metals.


Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

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