Decor Ideas for Your Stay-at-Home-Dad’s Office

office-594132_960_720In 2015, Statistics Canada released a study that spoke to the swiftly expanding role of fathers in the household. According to this study, as more women have entered the workforce in recent years, more men are skipping the 6:30 a.m. commute that was once upon a time conventional. More than one in ten stay-at-home parents are fathers today, compared to a meagre two percent in 1976. So say thank you to your stay at home dads this Father’s Day by giving him his very own space away from the grocery lists and the homework help……. his very own home office!

Photo Source: Economy Paint Supply
Photo Source: Economy Paint Supply

Reuse old maps.

Kill two birds with one stone when you repurpose those old maps you have stowed in the basement. You’ll free up some storage space and end up with some inventive decor. Apply paste to the backs of the maps, and paste on your chosen surface – (an accent wall, lampshades, the desk or tabletop, garbage can or even the inside of the shelves and drawers). When dry, apply a sealer.


DIY, foot hammock for Dad

Details and instructions:

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

A makeshift library.

Cover a small wall with shelves and fill it with your dad’s favourite reading material. If you don’t have a lot of space, build your shelves high up and include a ladder, reminiscent of an old English library. Include a comfy leather chair and an ottoman.


Include a man-ity.

No, I did not spell vanity wrong. I’m talking about  a man vanity. Incorporating a large statement mirror over dad’s desk is a cool idea to add a touch of unexpected class to the room. Place a lamp nearby to make the most of your light.



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