Curb Appeal Mistakes That Can Compromise Your Home’s Value


Get your family in the habit of putting their flip flops in the closet rather than scattering them on the porch and keep a closable tub or chest available to store toys and sporting equipment on the porch.. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home, which might be hard if all they see is your family’s personal belongings.


Try this cute idea to hide your hose.

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Unplanned and unorganized planting

Before you plant anything, do your research on how they will grow over the years. Planting clusters may be pleasing to the eye, but overcrowding isn’t. You want to plant your flowers, trees and shrubs in a way that will allow them room to grow, without invading each other’s spaces.


Old and tired fixtures

Fresh light fixtures can give your home’s exterior a fresh and updated look, at a relatively affordable cost. Newer, brighter fixtures will also make your home stand out to those who pass by at night.


Quirky sculptures

The waist-height flamingos and perma-grinning lawn gnomes that decorate your front yard might make you and your neighbours giggle, but they could also scare away potential buyers. You can’t anticipate everyone’s tastes and distastes, so better to air on the side of caution and stow the naked cherub angel fountain in the garage.

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Not considering the neighbourhood

Of course, you want your curb to be original and as a result memorable, but a home that is too original will stick out like a sore thumb and can actually decrease its market value.



Written by Zakiya Kassam

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