Creative Outdoor Organization Ideas

With Spring finally approaching, we tend to start thinking of all the outdoor projects that need to be completed before we can enjoy warm Summer nights in the yard. If you are like me, this is not your favourite chore. I would rather tackle any project inside the home, then try and gather all my outdoor stuff into a nicely displayed but organized and functioning space. Lets face it, dirty garden tools, wheelbarrows and lawn mowers are not everyone’s idea of an oasis vista!

BUT, a few easy organizing ideas and a little bit of work and you can have your yard, garage or shed in spring shape in no time.


First, those garden tools: Why not gather some PVC pipe and make holders to store them all upright and off the ground, like shown in this photo from Ashbee Design. I have also used this application to attach a patio umbrella to a raised patio deck or balcony, you just slide the pole down into the pipe and you don’t need a clunky, space taking umbrella stand. For smaller tools, why not have them hang off of an old rake? Or use an up-cycled pallet?



Source: Pinterest, Our Little Acre

Second, double duty furniture: When purchasing or building outdoor lounging areas, try to make storage part of the actual furniture. Built in benches with lids that lift, like this one from to store cushions or cook out items will be your friend.


In the garage, shelves and hooks will serve you well; group like items together and store items in clear containers to make finding things easier. This garage from BHG is probably the prettiest I have ever seen! Peg board is also a good way to make visible storage, and can be customized as much as your own creativity can imagine.


One more thing, just because it’s such a good small space storage idea, how about mounting eaves trough on the side of a shed or fence to create an instant herb or lettuce garden? This one is on my “to-do” list this spring for sure!


Written by Ellen Forbes

Ellen Forbes

Ellen Forbes is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional and a member of the real estate staging association.

Ellen’s 20+ years of experience with decorating, design, painting, furniture placement, styling and renovation, she has seen lots of trends come and go. She knows what works to make a house a home.

Ellen’s keen sense of style and colour combined with the passion for what she does translates in to a winning combination for clients homes AND budgets! She has helped hundreds of homeowners “change where they live” and would love to be on your must call list for your design needs; staying or selling!

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