Creating a Mom-Cave in Your Home

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Stumped for a Mother’s Day gift this year? Why not go big and make mom her own personal mom-cave in your home! First of all, the perfect mom-cave must meet a few, simply requirements:

  1. It must provide mom privacy
  2. It must be in an area of the house that’s relatively quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of kids, pets and whirring dishwashers
  3. It must be filled with all the things that make your mom the happiest.

Check out our five tips for creating the perfect mom-cave for your mom this Mother’s Day:

  1. Pick your spot wisely.

Chose a place that’s unused and secluded; perhaps the basement or attic if you have one. A large closet also works.¬†If you don’t have a room or a larger closet available, section off a part of a room with curtains or screens.

  1. Chose a “throne.”

Do not underestimate the importance of a comfortable chair and the integral role it’ll play in mom’s relaxation. Spruce up a chair you already have with a soft throw or pillows. If you have the space, consider buying mom a luxurious chaise lounge or a small daybed where she can read and relax.

  1. Make it personal.

Does mom like to paint? Set up an easel, brushes and whatever else she may need to create masterpieces. If she likes to read, install bookshelves and line them with her favourite novels. If she likes to meditate or do yoga, make the space zen and minimalistic. If she’s a cosmetic junkie, include a cubby full of nail polishes. The possibilities are truly endless. Be sure to infuse the decor with mom’s personality as well. Incorporate her favourite colours, photographs of the family, and steal accessories and accents from around the house that she enjoys to complete the room.

  1. Ambiance.

Make sure the mom-cave is well lit. If there’s a window, great; if not, use lamps, spotlights or even candles to bring life and warmth into the space. Stay away from making her cave a literal cave.

  1. Make it off limits to the rest of the family.

This is the one space in the house where it is not permissible to barge in and ask, “I’m hungry, what’s for dinner!” Establish with everyone in the family that this spot is for mom and mom alone.

Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya is a freelance website content writer based in Toronto.

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