Eight Clever Staircase Ideas

A well-designed staircase oozes presence and often sets the tone for the entire home. The staircase design will define a space, set a mood and some will even provide a sculptural allure.

The following staircase images will definitely have you admiring the creativity of their designers. Besides the practicality of connecting floors within a home, they also integrate fun and artistic interest. One can only imagine these staircases would be a delight to climb each day and make for great conversation as to how they were constructed!


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Source: Ongsono

Written by Eileen Marshall & Sharon Finn Hart

Eileen Marshall & Sharon Finn Hart

Eileen Marshall, owner of Eileen Marshall Design ,offers a full range of residential design services, specializing in renovations and custom homes. Her philosophy is to create a personal space that will feel like home and comply with a sense of practicality and beauty. Eileen has lived in New York, London and Berlin and believes her love for travel has provided great insight into how people live and what they want from their home. She is also author of Dancing with Design, A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Unique Home; a valuable how-to-manual on decorating and design. She also blogs at Dancing with Design together with Sharon Finn Hart.

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