Budget-Friendly Ways to Refresh Your Home For the New Year


The arrival of the New Year may have you thirsting for all new stuff in your home, but in the interest of also having a budget-friendly 2017, why not rearrange instead. Rearranging your furniture and accessories will lend a refreshed vibe to your space and in the process, it’ll renew your appreciation for your existing stuff. Designer experts suggest the best way to do this is to create a blank canvas, which means removing all move-able décor, like picture frames, wall art, plants and knickknacks, from your shelves and surfaces first, before beginning the redecorating process again from scratch.


Update your color scheme

Breathing new life into your space could be as simple as choosing a new accent color, and can be achieved as simply as purchasing new pillowcase covers, curtains or a statement rug. 


Introduce a plant

A winter-blooming plant has several benefits, including their air enhancing qualities and a welcomed pop of color when everything outside is grey and white. Some winter-blooming plants include: African violets, begonias, and bulb plants, (which can be a little finicky to grow indoors, but for an experienced gardener, it is possible), like daffodils, tulips and irises. 


Utilize light

It’s not unusual to grow weary of things in general, including your home’s interior décor, particularly during a gloomy month like January. A quick fix for that could be as easy as exposing yourself to more natural light. Removing heavy window treatments and drawing up the blinds will bring more light into your space, making it feel more spacious and less stuffy. This also could do wonders for your mood. 



Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

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