MAKEOVER: Outdoor Entertaining Area on a $4,000 Budget

After my clients had the front exterior of their house remodelled and increased the size of their back deck it was now time to decorate. However like most renovations, they ended up spending more than they had anticipated and now had a limited budget to decorate with. Tired of shopping and overwhelmed with all the selection of patio furniture, they hired me to decorate their space. The budget was $4000 and was to include a lounge set, dining set, outdoor area rug, side tables, umbrella, pillows, accessories and an outdoor heater. They showed me a lounge set they were interested in but open to other suggestions. It was a grey resin wicker love seat with 2 matching chairs and coffee table with the option of grey or fuchsia seat cushions. It was beautiful but also cost more than half their budget. So the option was to purchase this set and just use their existing dining set for now or to start fresh. I started fresh!

This is the best time of year to shop for patio furniture with all the sales and clearance items. I was able to find them both a dining and lounge set with an extra bench and 2 extra lounge chairs on clearance for 50 % off. My clients ended up with more furniture but paid less than the initial set without compromising on quality.

Once the furniture was secured, it was time to shop for the decor. Since they had initially picked out fuchsia cushions with the initial set and going by their turquoise living room paint colour I knew this couple embraced colour. My clients also have a child and entertain very often so they wanted something that was very relaxed, cheerful and welcoming.

My clients have the summer off and are enjoying their new space every day. They told me that their next door neighbours have offered to switch backyards. How nice!


Lounge Area


Dining Area


Dining & Lounge Area


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Written by Nella Deluca

Nella Deluca

Nella Deluca is the principal property stylist and owner of Nella Casa Bella. After 21 years in the optical industry, Nella took the leap in 2010 and changed career paths. Never one to look back, Nella is happy with the transition into the Home Staging and Décor field and absolutely loves what she does. She lives by the mantra: “Do what you love, love what you do”.

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