6 Creative Ways to Add Colour to Your Child’s Room

Photo Source: myhomerocks.com
Photo Source: myhomerocks.com

Use self-adhesive shelf liner.

Shelf liner is typically less expensive than wallpaper, so you won’t feel as guilty when you cut it up into shapes and patterns. Go with simple, easy to replicate patterns. Try: hearts, stars, or layered polka dots or squares.


Paint the doors. 

You may not be crazy about the idea of painting the entire room, so why not add a pop of colour by painting the closet and main doors.


Skip the rug. 

Instead, purchase foam puzzle piece floor tiles from a toy store or Walmart, and let the kids arrange the pieces themselves. These mats will protect your floors from spills, stains and scratches, are soft to play on, and are easy to rearrange and replace.


Paint the insides of your shelving units. 

Pick a bold, vibrant colour – or better yet, let your kids pick the hue.


Opt for stripes instead of painting a solid wall. 

You’ll use up half the paint and it’s a simple DIY – all you need is a paintbrush and a roll of masking tape. Another idea for cool and low-cost wall decor: stencils or foam letters and shapes.


Let your kids make the room colourful themselves. 

Paint one wall or the inside of the closet door with chalk board paint and let your kids scribble on the wall repercussion free.


Written by Zakiya Kassam

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