6 Creative Closet Ideas for People Who Don’t Have Closets

Whether you’ve got a small closet or no closet, chances are you’ve had to employ some pretty creative storage tactics in lieu of the lack. Here are a few more creative ideas and contraptions for those leading a closet-less existence.  


A Minimalistic Clothing Rack 

There are a few prominent upsides to going the clothing rack route: they’re mobile, they don’t take up much space, and they preemptively prevent clutter and unnecessary accumulation the common closet is so notorious for. 

Photo Source: worldmarket.com


A Hanging Chair Closet 

Collapsible, versatile, multifunctional, and edgy – what’s there not to love about this idea.  

Photo Source: yiconglu.com


A Horizontally Mounted Ladder 

This idea is simple in materials, execution, and function.  

Photo Source: culturacolectiva.com


Suspended Ladder 

Another option is to suspend the ladder from the ceiling. Just make sure it’s hung low enough to reach, but high enough to clear the head of the tallest person in your household.  

Photo Source: yahoo.com


A Bathroom Storage Mirror 

Photo Source: shanty-2-chic.com

Details and instructions.



When it doubt, fake it? 

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