5 Small Closet Hacks You’ll Love!

Photo Source: realsimple.com
Photo Source: realsimple.com

There’s nothing worse than a tiny closet – just ask Carrie Bradshaw! Try these five tips for maximizing every inch of that closet space and giving your wardrobe the storage it deserves.


  1. Height

Take advantage of height. Install a second rod or an extender rod to double your hanging space and consider purchasing a lightweight hanging cubby. Install rods on the sides of closets if you have space; (rods perpendicular to the main one).


  1. Shelves

Try under-shelf baskets or install high-up shelves. Above the closet door is an area that is commonly underutilize.


  1. Hooks

Take advantage of any free space on the interior of your closet or on the door and install hooks. For the inside of the closet door, be sure to hang lightweight things, such as scarves, so they don’t bump around every time you open and close the door.


  1. More Light

You may not have the floor space for a floor lamp, but hang a small lighting fixture if the space will allow or install spotlights to give your closet a glam feel. Either way, more light lends the illusion of more space.


  1. Floor Space

Use stackable bins to make better use of available floor space. Every inch counts!


Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

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