5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa is a fun, low-pressure and budget-friendly way to shake up your yearly gift exchange. The unfortunate reality is, however – (especially if you’re playing with co-workers) – that there’s a good chance you’re not going to know enough about your pick to give a super personalized gift. Dry on ideas? Don’t start filling a gift bag with chocolate and gum from the gas station just yet. Instead, check out our gift guide for some inexpensive, creative SS inspiration.


The beard bib

This simple invention, geared towards men but sought after by their girlfriends, wives and mothers, is great gift to give before the end of Movember.

Photo Source: allsharktankproducts.com
Photo Source: allsharktankproducts.com


A garden in a bag

Dill, marigold, lavender, basil, thyme, chives, oregano … pick your plant.

gib_strawberry__22698-1406223464-170-240    th_gib_chives__95726-1406221262-170-240     Photo Source: pottingshedcreations.com

Photo Source: pottingshedcreations.com

A tea wreath

Find out how to DIY your own here.

Photo Source: kojo-designs.com
Photo Source: kojo-designs.com


A portable battery pack

Practical, portable… you can’t go wrong.

Photo Source: shop.nordstrom.com
Photo Source: shop.nordstrom.com


Linen wine bag

If you’re planning to gift alcohol, why not go that extra mile and pair it with a textured linen reusable bag.

Photo Source: potterybarn.com
Photo Source: potterybarn.com

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