5 DIY Fire Fixture Ideas

  1. A recycled washing machine drum.

Stainless steel washing machine drums are made to withstand high heat and the small holes in it allow for oxygen flow; it’s the perfect design for a fire pit. Paint the drum with high heat paint if you’re not crazy about the original colour.

Photo Source: houseandfig.com
Photo Source: houseandfig.com
  1. Cement blocks.

Use spray paint to mark off an area in your yard then dig out any grass, roots or stumps. When it’s just dirt remaining, lay the cement blocks in the shape you’d like your pit to be. Fill the gaps with pebbles or lay smooth paver stones on top of the cement blocks to heighten the pit walls and give it a more finished look.


  1. Metal wash pail.

A 15 gallon wash pail, or a residential double bucket, is relatively inexpensive. A single wash pail only costs about $15.00. Lay bricks inside the pail to cover the bottom, then place logs on top of the bricks to allow oxygen flow underneath them. If you don’t like the look of the pail, dig out a spot in your yard and burry it partially. The last step is to surround the remaining visible pail with bricks or stones.

Photo Source: activerain.com
Photo Source: activerain.com
  1. Ceramic flower pot.

A flower pot is good for a personal fire pit, which is simply a smaller and more portable pit that is ideal for a small patio in need of just a little ambiance. In order to construct one of these, you’ll need a ceramic flower pot, river rocks and a chafing fuel container. Fill the pot with the stones and then place the chafing fuel container on top of the smooth river rock surface. Allow the container to stick out a little higher than the flower pot.


  1. Create a concrete cast.

This is a little bit of a bigger project because you’ll be making the chamber from scratch. You’ll need a plastic bowl to use as a mould, Pam spray, concrete mix and sandpaper. Place the gel fuel canisters inside, a grill grate over top, and fill the remaining surface space with stones.

Photo Source: paloform.com
Photo Source: paloform.com


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