5 Design Trends for Eco-friendly Homes in 2016

Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com
Photo Source: apartmenttherapy.com

There’s no doubt about it, going green is super trendy right now. Let’s take a look at the trends within this trend. Here are 5 design trends for eco-friendly homes in 2016.


  1. Energy efficient fixtures and features. Look out for the Energy Star label when purchasing appliances, LED when it comes to lights, and low-flow when it comes to anything water related.


  1. Low toxicity or VOC (volatile organic compound) rating. Look out for finishes and paints that specifically note low or zero VOC.


  1. Buying locally sourced materials. Going local is great for a number of reasons, a big one being that if you’re buying local, as opposed to shipping materials from further distances, you’re saving on gas use and emissions.


  1. Net zero energy homes. If your household consumes equal or less energy than you create, your home is considered a net zero home. This is not an easy title to garner, but doable! Net zero status can be achieved by reducing energy consumption and utilizing renewable energy options, such as solar power.


  1. Organic decor. Organic home decor is not so different than organic food or medicine in that it refers to furniture and accessories that are manufactured free of pesticides and chemicals. Further, organic decor is produced from sustainable sources; for instance, bamboo.


Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

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