4 Ways to Automate your Outdoor Space

Motorized Awning

There are a few benefits to motorizing your awning. In addition to providing shade and comfort to your outdoor space, a motorized awning can reduce heat gain in your home substantially. Adding a wind sensor feature will ensure that on windy or stormy days, your awning will be automatically retracted in order to keep it safe and damage free.

Photo Source: dacawnings.com
Photo Source: dacawnings.com

Motorized Pergola 

There are three kinds of motorized pergolas: winding canvas, folding canvas, adjustable slat. These structures can be controlled by a remote device and can be further customized with sun, wind and rain sensors.


Smart Outdoor Lighting

This may seem like an elaborate project but it actually might be simpler than you think. If your current outdoor lighting system is controlled by one source, then it can be a relatively simple DIY to swap out your current switches and controls with a wireless smart system and smart hub. Outdoor motion detectors, dimmers and timers – features which can be linked to your smartphone – can all be integrated into your system for increased security, convenience and style.


Robotic Lawn Mower 

Raise your hand if you hate mowing the lawn! If you have a basic shaped lawn, with minimal obstruction and a relatively smooth terrain, you may be able to eliminate the chore of lawn mowing completely with a robotic lawn mowing device. A robotic mower can distinguish between shorter and longer blades of grass, and comes with obstacle sensors.

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