4 Tips for Great Bread

I have decided to share 4 helpful tips that I have learnt over the years. These tips will help the bread making beginners achieve the perfect bread.

bread dough

1. Flour is a very important factor. Bread flour should be used to make the best quality bread. Name brand flour is usually a much better quality and shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. It is very important that all the ingredients are measured accurately. Too much flour and the bread will be dense, too much liquid and the bread won’t hold its shape and will take longer to rise and bake. The end product will be of poor quality.

3. Kneading is the key component to achieving a great bread. Under kneading will cause the dough to flop, tear and won’t hold its shape. Once baked the bread will be dense and flat. Over kneading is nearly impossible when kneading by hand. Over kneading is more likely to happen when using a mixer. Over kneading will cause your bread to be dense, crumbly and have a very hard crust

4. To check if the bread is done, take it out of the pan and turn it over. Tap the bottom with your fingers and if it sounds hollow then the bread is done





Written by Janine Goodman

Janine Goodman

As the online Food Editor, Janine Goodman, a trained chef and dedicated mom has a passion for creating easy to make dishes for the whole family. Whether its baking or cooking, her love of fresh produce and accessible ingredients make it a joy for readers to try her recipes.

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