3 Tips for the Coziest Winter Home Ever

Long nights and freezing days call for staying indoors and hibernating at home all season. But instead of missing warmer weather, you can embrace the snow and cooler temperatures by cozying up to winter with these three tips.

1. Scents of the season

Create a cheerful mood from the moment you set foot in the door with delicious aromas that are an antidote for the winter blues. Light candles with scents like cinnamon, fresh pine needles, peppermint, vanilla bean, eucalyptus, and cloves. Or make your own DIY scent diffusers with twigs from your backyard, a mason jar, and essential oils that remind you of the holidays.

2. Cook up a storm

Indulge before swimsuit season with hearty comfort foods like soups, stews, and chilies. If you’re a dedicated home chef or looking to spend more time experimenting in the kitchen during the cooler months, a propane or gas stove might be a good investment for fancier dishes that require higher heat and greater control. If you feel like channeling your inner Martha Stewart, bake cookies a few times a week for a long-lasting uplifting smell. You can also fake it by mixing a teaspoon of your favourite spices with vanilla and two cups of water and heating the mixture on the stove.

3. Choose a green, cost-effective heat source

We all love curling up by the fireplace with a blanket and great book or movie. But did you know that wood-burning fireplaces actually let cold air in and allow heat to escape up the chimney? Switch to a propane one for all of the warmth and none of the drawbacks. Also consider heating your home with propane instead of oil or electricity for a more energy and cost-efficient heat source. Never worry about running out of fuel with Superior Propane’s Smart Tank, which sends you text and email alerts when you’re low and automatically schedules a delivery.

Written by Cleo Neufeld

Cleo Neufeld

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