2014 Trend Watch: Copper – The New Metallic


Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad it’s not gone for good. Vibrant orange will never be gone for good, in fact it’s evolving subtly into something more understated and refined. Add it as an accent colour and watch your home take on a fun attitude.


As a key player in recent home décor trends, orange is showing up everywhere in its shades of pumpkin, cinnabar, terra cotta, vermillion and coral.

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Orange is known for being energetic and fun. Outside nature’s stunning orange fall palette does its disappearing act as winter rolls in but you’ll still find the oranges inside showing up in the bricks on the hearth, a glowing fire and the embers, pumpkin pies, and mandarin oranges.


And the new orange is taking its cues from the lovely rich metal copper and coming out as a deep hue that will keep orange alive in home décor. Copper is an essential trace element required for health and life so naturally it adds energy to the spaces it graces.


Gold and brass are friends of our metallic orange and are also on the comeback trail. Together they make a bold statement. Orange just knows how to get along with other colours and it plays well with neutral greys and blues. In all its shades orange bridges perfectly the colours emerging in the New Year. It complements the blues of 2014 in a surprisingly fresh way.

So, knock, knock.





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Written by Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince

Gwen Prince, Colour Stylist for General Paint, has 21 years in the colour and paint industry. Colour is her passion and she is a self proclaimed paint geek.

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