20 Benefits of Green Tea

Tea has been used for centuries to help us lead healthier lives but only in recent years has it become the beverage of choice. Tea has become the most consumed beverage in the world. Green Tea has been proven to have many health benefits.

green tea

  1. Speeds up your metabolism
  2. Helps burn fat
  3. Contains no calories
  4. Relaxes and slows down your heart rate
  5. Balances your sugar levels which keeps your energy levels stable.
  6. Helps prevent cavities
  7. Prevents diabetes
  8. Full of antioxidants
  9. Promotes healthy looking skin
  10. Boosts immune system
  11. Lowers Stress and Depression
  12. Helps to protect the lungs from smoking
  13. Helps detox the body
  14. Helps to fight infections
  15. Prevents Alzheimer
  16. Helps to protect your liver from alcohol
  17. Boosts brain power
  18. Re hydrates you more than water
  19. Boosts exercise endurance
  20. Strengthens bones

Written by Janine Goodman

Janine Goodman

As the online Food Editor, Janine Goodman, a trained chef and dedicated mom has a passion for creating easy to make dishes for the whole family. Whether its baking or cooking, her love of fresh produce and accessible ingredients make it a joy for readers to try her recipes.

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