10 Tips for Entertaining in a Small Space

Photo Source: sheknows.com
Photo Source: sheknows.com

A small house or apartment is nothing to be ashamed of and with the rising price of real estate in cities, more and more people are finding that they have to sacrifice space for factors they deem more important, like location. But living in a small space has its obvious limitations, and can certainly make something like entertaining much trickier. That said, it is possible to host a fabulous party within the confines of your limited square footage. Check out these ten tips to do just that:


  1. Skip the actual dinner, which is oftentimes the most space consuming part of any get together, and instead make your party a drinks and app affair.


  1. Pre-mix your drinks in punchbowls or pitchers so you can get rid of space-consuming bottles of juice and soda.


  1. Fill your kitchen sink with ice and dub it a drink cooler.


  1. Move all your furniture out of your main living room and forgo traditional seating for pillows, poufs and stools.


  1. Maximize valuable counter space by using tiered dishware, such as cake stands.


  1. Keep decorations simple and to a minimum. Ensure any decorations that you do choose are hung to avoid taking up valuable space on your tabletops and counters.


  1. Utilize every available surface to hold food and drinks, including coffee tables, side tables and bookshelves.


  1. Spread out the food and drinks so guests won’t end up congregating in one spot, and make your meal buffet style rather than sit down.


  1. Invest in things that fold. Like this folding island:
Photo Source: timeinc.net
Photo Source: timeinc.net

Or these design-smart folding chairs:

Photo Source: dornob.com
Photo Source: dornob.com


  1. Move part of your party outdoors – so either do the cooking outdoors or have your guests get their food indoors and then encourage them to migrate outside to eat and chat.



Written by Zakiya Kassam

Zakiya Kassam

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